Beliefs Concerning Allah Ta’ala – Part 1

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It is imperative to attain knowledge about Allah Ta’ala’s Being and His Attributes, so that we do not utter words of Kufr due to our ignorance and so that we may be able to differentiate between the truthful and those that insult Allah Ta’ala. Hereunder are a few of the proper Islamic beliefs that every Muslim must have.

  • Almighty Allah is One. He has no partners in Being, Attributes, Actions, Commands or in Names. If any person believes that his “god” has partners, then that god of his is not Allah. Allah is one without any partners. It is Allah alone who is worthy of worship.
  • Almighty Allah is “Waajibul Wajood” (His existence is necessary). His non-existence is “Muhaal” (absolutely impossible). Muhaal means that which can never occur, in other words another Allah or the non existence of Allah is Muhaal.
  • Almighty Allah is “Qadeem” i.e. He has not been created, He always was and always will be. Just as His Being is Qadeem, His Attributes are also Qadeem. It must be understood that Almighty Allah is Self Existent and All Existing. Allah is.
  • Almighty Allah is free from need, i.e. Almighty Allah is not in need of anything from anyone. Almighty Allah does not depend on anything or anyone. Rather, every single atom in the creation is dependant on Him.

There are those, who think (Allah forbid) that Almighty Allah created Angels etc. to do certain chores, so these mean that Allah is dependant on them to do these chores. This is totally incorrect. Almighty Allah created the Angels as His servants and gave them the opportunity to serve Him as their Lord. It is the Angels and all the creation that are dependant on Allah and Allah is without doubt dependant on none.

  • To comprehend or understand Almighty Allah’s Being (Zaat) by means of reason is absolutely impossible. That which can be understood by means of reason, can be comprehended and encircled by the mind, and there is nothing that can encircle or comprehend Allah’s Being. However, through Almighty Allah’s Works (Af’aal), His Attributes can be identified and through His Attributes, one is able to attain knowledge about the Being of Almighty Allah.

For the sake of understanding, an example without comparison is that if one thinks of a bird, then one’s mind can comprehend a bird’s physique and one will thus be able to imagine or picture a bird. The reason for this is because it is tangible which the mind can understand through reasoning and knowledge. Now, none can imagine or picture Almighty Allah. Thus, the human mind can not comprehend Almighty Allah’s Being as it is beyond the understanding of the creation. However, it has been explained that through the Attributes of Allah, such as His Mercy, His Wrath etc. we are able to know about Almighty Allah.

  • With the exception of Almighty Allah’s Being and Attributes (such as Allah being Most Merciful, The Sustainer etc.) everything else is “Haadis” meaning that it did not exist, and only came into existence after Almighty Allah created them.

This means that with the exception of Allah’s Being and His Attributes, everything else is a creation. In other words the Angels, Prophets, Jinns, humans and everything else in the universe only came into existence after being created by Allah, so they are all known as ‘Creation’.

  • Any person who believes any of the Attributes of Allah to be a creation is a misled and corrupt person. A corrupt person is known as ‘Gumraah’ and ‘Badd Deen’. Sunni Muslims should never associate with misled persons as they will also mislead us and plunge us into corruption.
  • Any person who says anything in the universe to be Qadeem (uncreated) or has a doubt in it being Haadis (created) is an unbeliever (Kaafir). None has the right to say anything in the universe to be uncreated or self existent. As it has been mentioned before, with the exception of Allah’s Being and Attributes, everything else has been created. This belief makes a clear note of the fact that any person who claims that any creation is self existent or even doubts that a creation is self existent is a Kaafir. Even though he may accept all the other beliefs concerning Almighty Allah, but if he doubts this one belief, then such a person is still an unbeliever.
  • His Attributes are neither the same nor separate from his Being. It is not so, that the attributes are the Names alone of His Being (Zaat). In reality Allah’s Attributes cannot be separated from His Being.
  • Allah Ta’ala is “Qaadir” i.e. He has Power over everything that is possible (Mumkin). There is nothing possible which is outside His Power. In the same way, anything that is absolutely impossible (Muhaal) is not within His Power. Anything which is absolutely impossible has no connection with Almighty Allah, as He is free from this. An example of this is that there can never be another Allah. The existence of another Allah is absolutely impossible over which Allah has no Power or connection. In the same way, the destruction of Allah is absolutely impossible and has no connection to Him. It is thus very evident that neither are those things which are absolutely impossible connected to Him and nor does Allah have any Power (Command) over them. Thus, it has been proven that to accept any Muhaal (absolutely impossible) to be within Allah’s Qudrat, is to, in reality reject the oneness of Allah.
  • To think that Almighty Allah’s Qudrat has a shortage if He does not have Power over a Muhaal, (absolutely impossible thing) is totally incorrect. It is not a shortage in the Qudrat of Allah. In reality, it is the weakness and shortage of that Muhaal, that it is not worthy of having a connection with the Qudrat of Allah.
  • Maqdoor” refers to those things which are within Allah’s Power (Qudrat). However it is not necessary that any or all Maqdoor things have to come into existence. An example of this is that if Allah Wills then He can create a mountain of gold or make the skies of rubies, but this is not so. It therefore does not mean that it must be in existence. It is His Will that He brings into existence whatever He Wills.
  • Allah is not a father of anyone, nor is he a son of anyone, nor does he have any wife. Anyone who claims that Allah is the father or son of anyone, or says that Allah has a wife is an unbeliever. Even, if one thinks of these to be possible, then he is misled and ‘Badd Deen’.

Today the Christians and even some Muslims (Allah Forbid) refer to humans as the children of God. This is totally improper and words of Kufr. Muslims must abstain from making such detrimental statements.

  • Almighty Allah is “Hayy” in other words Allah is All Existing, and the lives of everything is in His control. He gives life to whomsoever He wills and causes death to whomsoever He Wills.
  • Almighty Allah is All Splendid and Most Graceful. He is free from all that which has shortage or defect. It is absolutely impossible for there to be any shortages or defects in Allah. Almighty Allah is free from all defects, such as lies, deceit, distrust, tyranny, ignorance, immodesty etc. To say that lies is within his Qudrat i.e. He can tell a lie, is to say a Muhaal (absolutely impossible) to be Mumkin (possible) and therefore to say Almighty Allah to have a defect, and this would be rejecting Almighty Allah.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Taufeeq to attain the proper Islamic beliefs pertaining to His Attributes and His Being so that we may differentiate between truth and falsehood, Ameen.

[Compiled from Bahaar-e-Shariat by Sadrush Shariah Hazrat Allama Mufti Amjad Ali Aazmi Rahmatullah Alaih]

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