The Miracles of Hazrat Uthman Ghani Radiallahu Anh

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Numerous miracles of Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) were witnessed during his physical lifetime as well as after his departure from this mundane world. His greatest miracle was his devotion and dedication to Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and how he sacrificed his life at the blessed feet of the Beloved Rasool (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Hereunder a few of his miracles are mentioned.

Hazrat Shaikh Taajuddeen Subki (Rahmatullah Alaih) writes in his book ‘Tabqaat’ that a man was walking on the road when he saw a beautiful woman and he lustfully gazed towards her. Afterwards, he entered the court of Hazrat Sayyiduna Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) who said with passion, “You people arrive in my court in such a state that your eyes are filled with fornication.” The man was shocked and he asked Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) whether the revelation had begun to be revealed to him after the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) as how did he become aware of the man’s eyes being filled with fornication? Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) replied that the revelation was not revealed to him but moreover Allah Ta’ala had granted him spiritual insight (Baseerah) that allowed him to become aware of the circumstances and inner thoughts concealed within the hearts of people. [Karaamaat-e-Sahaabah]

Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah lbn Umar (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) narrates that Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) was delivering a lecture whilst seated on the Mimbar (Pulpit) when a man named Jahjaah Ghaffari arose and snatched the stick from Hazrat Uthman’s (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) hands and broke it into pieces. Due to his calm character, Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) did not retaliate but the Might of Allah Ta’ala would not tolerate such disrespectful behaviour towards His beloved servants. The man was afflicted with cancer and due to this his hands were amputated after having rotted and within a year, the man died. [Karaamaat-e-Sahaabah]

Hazrat Abu Qilaabah (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) narrates that when he was in Shaam (Syria), he saw a man who was continuously saying with lamentation “How unfortunate! I am destined for Jahannam (the hell fire).” Hazrat Abu Qilaabah (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) states that he approached the man and was amazed to see that the man was blind and his hands and feet had been cut off. The man was continuing to wail that he was destined for the hell fire.

Hazrat Abu Qilaabah (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) asked him how he could be so certain that he was destined for the hell fire. The man replied that he was from those misfortunate people who entered the home of Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen Hazrat Sayyiduna Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh), in order to assassinate him. The man recalled how he drew closer to Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) with his sword but was rebuked by the wife of Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh), who began to scream.

The man slapped her out of anger and upon seeing this Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) prayed to Allah Ta’ala that Almighty Allah destroy both of the man’s hands, destroy his feet, blind him in both eyes and throw him into the fire of hell. Upon hearing this passionate supplication of Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh), the man’s entire body began to shake and with fear, he fled from the house. The man then told Hazrat Abu Qilaabah (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) that four points were made in the supplication of Hazrat Uthman (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) of which three had become manifest as both his hands and his feet were cut off and he had lost sight in both of his eyes. The fourth point was his entering the hell fire. The man said that he was in no doubt that he would be thrown into the fire of hell and he explained how he was utterly ashamed of his actions and regretful that he was going to enter the fire of hell. [Karaamaat-e-Sahaabah]

Hazrat Shaikh Imam Malik (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) states, “Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen Hazrat Sayyiduna Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) once visited a part of Jannatul Baqi (the graveyard in Madinatul Munawwarah) that is known as ‘Hash-shi-Kaukab’. He (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) stood there at a spot and said, “A person will be buried here very soon.” Sometime later, he was martyred and the rebels created such a commotion and discord at his funeral that he could not be buried near the Roza Mubarak of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) nor in the cemetery of Jannatul Baqi where the other Sahabah were buried. Instead, he was buried at a place that was far away and was known as ‘Hash-shi-Kaukab’. No one could even imagine that he would be buried there as no graves were present in that area at that time.” [Ar Riyaad-un-Nadarah fi Manaaqib-il-Asharah]

Hazrat Shaikh ‘Adi bin Haatim (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) states, “On the day when Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) was martyred, I heard with my ears that a herald was saying aloud, “Give Uthman Ghani the glad tidings of comfort and fragrance; tell him the delightful news about meeting with the Lord who is not displeased; also give him the glad tidings of forgiveness and the Pleasure of his Rabb.”” Hazrat ‘Adi bin Haatim (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) further states that he glanced all around him but he did not see anyone. [Shawaahid-un-Nubuwwah]

It is reported that Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) could not be buried for three days due to the commotion of the rioters. Some of his companions then took his body and reached Jannatul Baqi in the darkness of the night. They were digging the grave when suddenly a large number of riders entered Jannatul Baqi. The companions got frightened but the riders announced loudly, “Do not fear, we are here to take part in his burial.” After hearing this, the fear of the companions abated and Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) was buried in peace. After returning from the graveyard the Sahaabah-e-Kiraam swore that certainly, the riders were angels. [Shawaahid-un-Nubuwwah]

It is reported that a caravan of pilgrims reached Madinatul Munawwarah. All the pilgrims went to visit the blessed grave of Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) except for an impudent disrespectful person who did not visit the blessed grave due to his hatred and insolence. He gave a lame excuse that the shrine was far away. On the return of the caravan, a wild beast growlingly attacked that impudent person and tore him into pieces. Witnessing this brutal and terrifying scene, all the travellers said with one voice that this is the consequence of the disrespect shown towards Hazrat Uthman Ghani (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh). [Shawaahid-un-Nubuwwah]

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Taufeeq to follow the example of the Sahaabah-e-Kiraam and to sacrifice our lives for Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam the way they did, Ameen.

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