Pearls of Wisdom

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The following are words uttered by various Awliya Allah including Hazrat Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani, Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb-un-Nawaaz, Hazrat Imam Ghazzali and Hazrat Jalaaluddin Rumi (Ridwaanullahi Ta’ala Alaihim Ajma’een).

A true servant is protected from his ego and the devil, by his shield of sincerity and purity.”

Do not use destiny as an argument to abandon all effort and all good deeds.”

Success comes from the Creator.”

To forgive is the greatest sign of the believer.”

Less food leads to less sin, less lethargy, better health and more Allah consciousness.”

This world is the field of the hereafter. He who does not plant here will not reap there.”

Charity has a cleansing effect both spiritually and materially.”

Inner purity is lost by bad character, harmful acts, pride, arrogance, lying, gossip, slandering, envy and anger.”

Whosoever wishes to sit with Allah Ta’ala, let him sit with the saintly ones.”

In no state should you be void of the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. Remembrance of Allah Ta’ala is strength. If you are mindful of Allah Ta’ala, little by little your interior will be illuminated and you will attain release from the world.”

The body that has defect in its spirit will never become sweet, even if you smear it with honey.”

Conceal your good deeds as you conceal your bad deeds.”

Even the angels in the heaven pray for him who, having performed his Fajr Salaah, remains sitting there engaged in the meditation of Allah.”

No virtue is greater than piety and silence, no enemy greater than ignorance and no sickness greater than lies.”

Renounce the world and you will find the way of Allah paved for you.”

Treatment for solving grief and misfortune is concealing it by patience.”

Moderation is most meritorious in affluence and pardon most praiseworthy in power.”

Sleep with the remembrance of death and rise with the thought that you will not live long.”

As long as you do not see your virtues, you are virtuous; if you see your merits, you have no merits.”

If Allah Ta’ala gives his blessing to a dinar (silver coin) it will do more than what a thousand dinars will do without His blessings.”

There is no peace of mind in the pursuits of this world. The heart finds peace through Allah Ta’ala.”

There is nothing sweeter than the awareness of Allah Ta’ala.”

To employ Allah Ta’ala’s gifts in order to sin against Him is the height of ingratitude.”

A prayer with clean teeth is better than seventy prayers without clean teeth.”

Time is a sword that cuts through man’s life. None knows if he will see tomorrow. Thus, do today what is needed to be done today.”

The closest ones to Allah Ta’ala are those who have the ability to avenge, yet they show mercy and kindness.”

One who is not prepared to correct and rectify himself will not be able to rectify others.”

The most difficult task is to correct ones self and the easiest thing is to find the fault of others.”

Be grateful to Allah Ta’ala for all which He has bestowed upon you. Ungratefulness is a sign of weakness in faith.”

One who is not grateful to the people for that which they do for him, is not grateful to Allah Ta’ala.”

Always keep the tongue in control. Do not speak unnecessarily. One who talks too much is usually a liar.”

To show love and respect for the orphans and widows is a means of gaining blessings and to oppress them is a means of ones destruction.”

The sign of a good man is one who is kind towards those, who accept assistance from him, in their times of need.”

The sign of a cruel man is one who shows even more cruelty when he is requested for assistance by someone in their time of need.”

Illness comes towards you with great speed and leaves very slowly.”

Never hurt the feelings of someone. The cry of a sad heart can become the means of your destruction.”

Always recognise your friends from your enemies, for one who does not know his friends from his enemies, is himself not worthy of trust.”

Sit in the companionship of the pious for it leads to piety. Sitting in the companionship of the sinful, leads one towards sin.”

You will live the life of a king if you are able to become a beggar (humble yourself) at the Exalted Court of your Creator.”

May Almighty Allah grant us the Taufeeq and Hidayat to act upon these beautiful words, Ameen.

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